If you’re observing social isolation, I applaud you. It isn’t easy to do; I’ve had to hide my husband’s keys a couple of times so he can’t escape. When this first began, it was raining a lot and therefore, it was easy to want to stay home. But once the sun came out, I was drawn to want to move about outside (in the backyard of course).

We use to live in the country in the Panhandle a long way from town or any neighbor, and the isolation has brought up a lot of past memories of being snowed in. Of course the kids thought it was fun, but as a stay-at-home mom with a husband gone to work, I was full of fear.

The electricity had gone out and the phone lines were down and this was all before internet, computers or cell phones. Without heat, we lit the fireplace and crawled into a tent in the living room in order to conserve body heat. Piled on top of each other with all of our blankets and pillows, and drinking the only warm thing we could get, which was cheese soup that we melted in a pan over the fire in the fireplace, which was smoking a bit from the green wood we collected outside. We were happy and content…for a while.

But as the hours of the day turned into late evening, I stood at the living room window and waited and waited and while I waited I prayed as I felt every inch of the winter blues grip me. At last, in the moonlight, I saw my frozen husband coming up over the hill, albeit on foot because the car was in a snowbank some five miles back, was really when I knew that God was in control of all that wailing wind and whirling snow and suddenly everything was okay again.

Sometimes we don’t have the faith we should until we see our prayers answered. And even though we are in a different kind of storm, it isn’t true social isolation since we are able to reach out through different means of social media. So, what I want to suggest is this…pretend you can’t go anywhere at all, not even for a drive. Then turn Netflix off for a couple of hours, put the tent up in the living room, play with your kids, pray with each other, read the Bible out loud, and know that God is still listening if you will turn to Him with your whole heart. Have faith that He will answer our prayers.


This website/blog is long time coming, mainly because my technological savvy kids are not here to help us and I suddenly feel like my mother when I was trying to explain to her what a window was on the computer. Fun times!

My absolute favorite verse…

“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”
Numbers 6:24-26

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